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Paying Attention to John’s Gospel!

(Speaking as the voice of Experience!)


        Where the rubber hits the road:  the debate starts here!

      Of all four of the New Testament Gospels, John’s is the most telling and yet, most confusing, as it paints a picture of seemingly TWO different Jesuses.  The Jesus who got tired and thirsty. The Jesus who cried. The Jesus who got ‘exceedingly sorrowful’ in the Garden of Gethsemene.  And YET….and yet, the same Jesus who was asleep in the boat also calmed the waves that rocked the boat so fiercely. The Jesus who wept at Lazarus’ tomb also told the man’s sister, “I am the resurrection and the Life”  before He shouted, “LAZARUS, COME FORTH!”  The same Jesus who got tired and thirsty and asked the woman at the well for a drink also informed the same woman that HE could give her ‘LIVING WATER’.   The same Jesus, Who was sorely distressed in the Garden of Gethsemane KNEW what was coming, even when the disciples were completely oblivious. In the meantime, He’d already told them, on a few occasions, “Behold, the Son of Man will be betrayed into the hands of sinners, where He will be mocked, whipped and then crucified….”   (You wouldn’t think they’d forget such a dire prophecy!)  The very Jesus, when confronted by the religious leaders, as to what right he had, to cause a stir in the temple; overthrowing the tables of the money changers and those who bought and sold…that same Jesus said, “Destroy this temple, and in three days, I WILL RAISE IT UP.”  No doubt confused about the seeming change in subject, the leaders took the bait and said, “It took forty six years to build this temple. You’re gonna raise it again in three days?”  (Give us a break!)   But He was speaking of the Temple of His BODY. (John 2:18-21) .  THAT is the authority Jesus had, to boot those money lovers out of His Father’s House.



  The KEY to the entire controversy is found in John 1:1. In the New World Translation, that verse reads, “In the beginning, the word was. And the word was with God and the word was ‘a god’.  As Watchtower Witnesses, not a lot of thought goes into that verse. We just take it at face value, right?  Well, so did I.  Then I knocked on this one door, and this lady answered,  She immediately apologized for taking so long to answer (her leg was in a tenser bandaid from a bad sprain) and invited me in and we went to her kitchen for coffee. I was so taken with the woman’s kindness, and willingness to listen that I offered to help so she could take some weight off her sore ankle. In turn, she cut two slices of cheesecake that were left from a ‘get together’ from the day before. (Sunday).  Don’t know why I didn’t put two and two together, but I’m a woman, and such trivial issues vacate the mind in a hurry when you see a slice of Oreo Cheesecake set before you!


   With the coffee ready and the cheesecake tested (it was delicious!) Dorothea and I got to it. I got my Bible out and my Watchtower and a Bible she could have. Dorthea excused herself so she could get her own Bible, which I assumed was in a bottom drawer in a bedside table. Wrong on that count! She returned from the living room with a Bible and a notebook. Both of which looked like they’d had been USED, and  often.  She asked if she could take notes, as she used her notebook as something of a journal.  She’d be getting back to work in a week, she told me, but also confessed that the sprain was more of a blessing than she imagined. Telling me that she’d been following along, in her Bible, with Word of Promise Cds.  Dramatized Bible.  This was going to be a bit more of a challenge than I expected. A BIT? Little did I Know!




   Coffee and cake finished, I began my presentation; showing Dorthea about future blessings in the new system and compared current world unsettlement to what lay ahead for those who put their trust in JEHOVAH and His plan for our lives. Of course, she readily agreed that the world was in upheaval, and she got to the point where reading the paper was almost like watching a Horror flic on t.v.  We were both agreed on that!  But then, she deviated; asking me a question I didn’t get too often, in my door to door work.

   ”Is your faith in Jehovah’s Watchtower, or in Christ?”   She wasn’t nasty or condescending, More curious, I guess.  I told her it was the same thing. That Jehovah’s Holy Spirit (Active Force) was with the men who write and publish the Watchtower and that it was the same as reading the Bible. I could see her trying to hide a look of bewilderment, and so I elaborated. I must’ve gotten excited or carried away, because she had to slow me down so she could write down the Bible verses I was firing off in rapid succession. One of those verses was John 1:1.  That was where things got…. bumpy. And not necessarily for her.

    “ ‘A god’?”  Dorthea puzzled, and I could just tell I was in for a battle. But I learned well. The Kingdom Hall meetings showed us how to refute the blasphemous doctrines of The Trinity and eternal torment and all that rot.  It did NOT, however,prepare me for what came next. “So Jesus is a FALSE god?”   Her question, again, was more curious than hostile. I sensed I was walking into a trap, but then again, maybe she was searching, too. So….

   “No,”  I replied. “Jesus isn’t a false god. He’s the Son of God. but the Son isn’t the FATHER, right? That would be like saying that my husband is also my brother! In some backwoods places, that might be the case, but not with normal people.”  I proceeded on, or tried to, but Dorthea asked me if we could stop on the John 1:1 verse til she got it straight.

   “May I ask a few questions?  I have some verses that are niggling in my head right now, and if you could help me around them, we can get to the bottom of the John 1:1 dilemma and we can move on.”   Well, she did ask.  And she was so nice about it, I could hardly say no. I offered to top up our coffees and we got back to work. She said she had two connecting verses, one in the Old Testament, and the other in the New.  We went to 1 Chronicles 16:26, where I  was invited to read, “…All the gods of the peoples are idols, but JEHOVAH created the heavens.”  

   “So those small g gods aren’t the true god, are they?”

    “Of course not. They’re images. Statues, whatever. But they aren’t Jehovah.”

    Dorthea affirmed my statement and then wrote the verse down and we went to 1 Corinthians 8:4,5 and she read, “An idol is NOTHING in the world, there is NO GOD but ONE. For though there may be those who are SO CALLED gods…..”    As soon as she finished, she asked me if the two verses we read were saying the same thing?   Sure sounded that way.  Slightly different but they both affirmed distinctions between JEHOVAH God, and false gods.

    “But in your Bible, the New world Translation,”  she said, picking up the copy I’d given her. “it says Jesus is a small g god.  So, he’s a false god.” 

   “I don’t think you understand,”  I just about stammered.

    “You’re right, dear. I don’t.  Because If the Watchtower is right, then I’m in SERIOUS trouble. We all are.”

    “Well, the Wat….”  I started and she shook her head mournfully. Now what?

     “I don’t think you understand.  If the Watchtower is correct on this one verse, then that puts the ENTIRE Bible in Disrepute. See, the OLD TESTAMENT is what happened before Christ, but it’s also a foreshadowing of what was to come. The sin offerings were real but also a TYPE of what Christ did, once and for all! (Hebrews 9) Prophecies about Christ. But IF Jesus is a false god, then the very magazine, which gets its information from the BIBLE, is also corrupt because the BIBLE is corrupt. The OLD TESTAMENT prophesies what the New Testament fulfills. But what good is any of it when it’s all based on a lie?”

  “He’s NOT a false god!”  I insisted.

“He has to be!” Dorthea  continued. There is only ONE TRUE GOD. Have you ever read the 40’s Decalogue of Isaiah? From 42-46?  Over and over and OVER again, Jehovah said that HE is the ONLY GOD.  Isaiah 43:11 is even worse, because it says that, APART FROM ME, there is NO SAVIOR. And yet, In the New Testament, Jesus is revered to as Savior. But so is Jehovah.” (Luke 1:47//Luke 2:11)

    “That’s simple,” I explained. “Jesus is A savior. He’s not THE savior.”

  “Could you go to Isaiah 43:11 and read that for me? I want to make sure I have it right.  A few weeks off work and my mind is turning to mush!”


   So, I did.  I read it over four times. And I was stuck. How can Jesus be said to be A savior, when Jehovah left no wiggle room. “Besides Me there is NO savior.” 


     “So, not only is Jesus a false god, but he’s not even a real savior! So he can hardly be calling himself THE TRUTH, the way he does in John 14:6!” Dorthea insisted. “You know what?  I think we BOTH better make good and sure of who we’re dealing with here! Do you have an email address? We can talk on line, on rainy days or when it’s late. That way, we can talk as long as we like.”  


    So we exchanged email addressed and I thanked her for the coffee and Cheesecake and was on my way. Thank heaven that was my last appointment of the morning because I don’t think I could have crammed another doubt into my head that was awash in confusion, even as my kidneys did a backstroke in coffee!


      True Confessions


       In fact, I’ve never been a Jehovah’s Witness, so I’ve never HAD to do any door to door work. But I will admit that Christians ARE the ones who should be doing this sort of work. Just not at 8 am on a Saturday morning, when some people are having the first lazy day they’ve had all week!  One of the great things about the Internet is that you can talk to hundreds of people at a time. On sites like Facebook and blog pages, Christ can be shared with people who can read and consider without too many heated debates. (Depends who’s reading, I guess).

   You get the point, though, right?  Jesus can’t simultaneously be a  false god and a true god.  This is an ALL OR NOTHING game and the stakes are THE HIGHEST! Your eternity is on the table. If Jesus is NOT  THE True God, (1 Tim 3:16, 2 Peter 1:1, Titus 2:13, among a host of others!)  then he is a false god. There is no such thing as half and half here. You can’t be false and true at the same time. How can someone, who went around, making up stories about how He was going to rise from the dead ~John 2:18-21~(knowing he couldn’t)  call himself THE TRUTH. (John 14:6) .  If that was the case, then Jesus of Nazareth was executed for HIS SINS and not OURS. In which case,the method of execution is immaterial!  Crucifixion, Impalement, being hanged or shot at dawn. So what?  No one freaks out about how the other two criminals were executed,  So, IF the Watchtower is telling the truth, what difference does it make how the third criminal was executed?  Two opposing thoughts cannot exist side by side. You cannot go UP and DOWN the stairs AT THE SAME TIME!  Wet cannot be dry.  If Jesus is NOT THE GOD then he’s a false god. Period.  It ALL hinges on THAT ONE TEXT.


   A Final Thought


    Now, if you’re a Jehovah’s Witness reading this, you’re either intrigued or angry. If you’re angry, then you’re likely looking for other issues to throw me off.  Hell. The Trinity, Immortality of the Soul. All that other stuff.  But before you go off on those, we HAVE to set the foundation. If the foundation is solid (by Watchtower standards or Orthodox Christianity)  then the rest will fall into place.  If it IS true, about Jesus being a god, then you don’t have to worry about hell or anything else. Though, I will admit that I’m kinda confused about the Watchtower position verses supposed assurance that you are in THE TRUTH.  Should that be the case, then why are you even worried about hell?  You’re safe, right?  Allowing that hell does exist (for the sake of discussion)  why should any Watchtower disciple be worried that he or she will go there?  You guys are safer than any of the rest of us who are NOT in ‘the truth’, right?   The Bible says that you can KNOW that you have eternal life.  (1 John 5:10-13)  You don’t have to guess or hope, but you can KNOW.  To have that ASSURANCE and the ‘peace that passes all understanding’,  you have to go, from a place of collecting information about someone to getting to know JESUS, and who the BIBLE says He is. Not what the WATCHTOWER says he isn’t. Remember, your eternity is riding on this!  Are you willing to surrender that eternity to a group of old men in a board room, or do you want to go to THE SOURCE in FULL?  They tell you NOT to question the ‘faithful and wise servant’ but the BIBLE says, ‘TEST ALL THINGS’ (1 Tim 4:1, 1 Thess 5:21).    Remember, also, that the BIBLE pre-dates the Watchtower by a thousand years AT LEAST!  There were people reading the Bible LOOOONG BEFORE the first issue of the Watchtower was ever published!  Yet, somehow, they managed.   Why don’t you give it a go! See what you find. 




   ~ ~~~~~~~~~



   Only today, I came across some great Youtube posts by Evidence Ministries’  Keith Walker; who asked JW’s questions,on the most hotly contested issue in the Watchtower. The Cross.  And he approached the matter in a way that never dawned on me before!   If you are a J.W., please consider this and feel free to respond to the blog page where this entry is posted.

   Question 1 ;  Did the Romans (Pagans) create BOTH the Cross and the Torture Stake as death penalty implements? Yes___  No___   If so, then HOW is the Torture Stake LESS pagan than the CROSS?


Question 2: Is it true that the Watchtower teaches that the CROSS is a PHALLIC symbol; standing for a part of the male anatomy?  Why the CROSS?  Sorry to be crass, but wouldn’t the straight standing beam make more sense, as a bodily parallel, as that part of the male anatomy does NOT have a cross beam.


  Question 3:  The Watchtower says that the writing of their publications are directed by Jehovah and YET they are NOT inspired. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?  “We have a message from God and it might NOT be true!”   When does God lie?  On that same topic, When does the TRUTH change?  When does light become dark?  When does cold become hot? 





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