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Children of a Lesser God {Sharing the REAL JESUS with Jehovah’s Witnesses and Roman Catholics}

  ~Author’s Note~

    This admission will be whole-heartedly DISAGREED upon, by both Roman Catholics and Jehovah’s Witnesses, but there are MORE similarities between the two groups than the adherents of these organizations would want to concede.

  • Both the Watchtower AND the Roman Catholic church use OTHER SOURCES (outside the Bible) as authority in their ‘church’  (Tradition, Governing Body, Magesterium, Organization Publications).
  • Both groups rely upon persons, Other than Christ, as their source of Salvation (Governing Body, Mary, Watchtower, Pope)
  • Both groups insist that THEY are the Ark of Salvation, while Neither group believes that they can be assured of Salvation.
  • Both groups have a Jesus who CANNOT SAVE.  The Jesus of Jehovah’s Witnesses is NOT GOD, but only an angel or a perfect man. Contrast this with the Roman Catholic Church’s assertion,  that they believe Jesus IS God.  Problem is, the original sacrifice of their Jesus was NOT sufficient but has to be repeated, with works added.  Ironically, the Watchtower comes out as (Very) marginally better off here. At least they KNOW why their god cannot save.

QUESTION to ROMAN CATHOLICS:  You say that you believe that Jesus IS God, manifest in the Flesh (1 Tim 3:16).   Then how come your Jesus CANNOT DO what people Can do?  (Priests, Mary, dead saints) in terms of answering prayers and granting forgiveness of sins. After all “Who can forgive sins but God alone?”


When I first started this project, my main objective was to deal with the John 1:1 issue, exclusively.  I’m still hoping to, for the most part. However, as I mentioned earlier, there are bound to be segues, where I launch into common-ground topics the Watchtower shares with Catholicism.  You’ll know when it happens.


“You can be right on every other systematic doctrine of Christian theology, but if you are WRONG about the Person, Nature and Work of Jesus Christ, then you are WRONG ENOUGH to lose your soul for all eternity.”   ~Walter Martin~ (among others)  Now, right away, a J.W. will jump in and argue, “You’re gonna try to convince us there’s a hell when the Bible says no such thing!”   Okay then, let’s not put the cart before the horse, lest we wind up with a confused horse.  For the time being, I’m just going to ask, “What does the J.W. or Watchtower view hold, as far as how non-believers will be recompensed for their disbelief? What will their punishment be?”

The Watchtower disciple will likely reply, “Anilhalation’  by Jehovah.”   Okay then! Let’s go with that for now.  Either way you cut it, it’s none too pleasant, but in order to figure out which is true, ( Anilhalation or eternal fire)  we have to deal with THE foundational doctrine; The REAL Jesus; Who Is He? Once that fact is uncovered, the rest of the doctrines will almost come along with it.

A Tale of Two Jesuses
It is easy to start arguments but I’m not great with debates so I’m gonna start with the BIBLE. This is where Christian doctrine of Christ is found. It is also where the Watchtower claims to derive its doctrine.

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Sooo many thoughts. Too few Brain Cells// THE Rite of Womanhood. //The man of sin…sort of.

 Got some big issues to contend with but I only have so many hands, so I have to get it off my chest HERE and then ‘flesh them out’ , in DETAIL, in the individual projects I’m kinda gridlocked on.

   To start off on a semi light note, I am considering getting rid of my internet.  Can’t recall if I’ve mentioned this before. If I have, then I apologize for being repetitive. It’s depressing lately. Well, my page is, anyway. I’ve been weeding some pages out to lift my mood. Having said that, I will admit to being a selfish bum! 

  See, I have NO problem helping out, to a point, but when I am asked to do this or that, EVERYDAY or a few times a day, I begin to feel like a parent. Then I feel guilty for NOT doing something. On top of which, I’m not doing the writing I want to do, which was the original intention of getting a computer in the first place. So, I’ve got to decide to unplug, or learn how to discipline myself and just get on with doing what I really WANT to do, instead of reading over the same stuff all day. I mean, kittens and puppies are cute, but the junk that’s going on in the world is infuriating and upsetting. I’ve also got some ministry pieces up there, and I want to keep moving with that. On the other hand, how many times can you ‘SHARE’ the same message? 

   I’ve gotta do something!  Sites like this help me to organize my thoughts and VENT. This is good, too. But prepare to be infuriated if you happen to be on the OPPOSITE side of the issue I’m get into.

    One of the sites I have on my facebook page is and some of the stories I read are mind boggling!! Women who MILITANTLY INSIST that ABORTION is not just a right, but a RITE.  A RIGHT is something we’re entitled to, legally or otherwise, but the feminist movement sees abortion as a RITE OF PASSAGE. Like, once upon a time, when a girl turned 16, she got a ‘Sweet Sixteen’ party. Or a guy got a car on graduation day. Rite of passage. The feminist movement sees abortion to be as much a part of womanhood as her first period. If you DON’T have an abortion, at least once, then you cannot say that you are, ‘morally’ a woman. And here was me, thinking that the WOMB part of the word WOMAN was where the baby grew for nine months. Apparently, I’m wrong.  Worst part is, America’s president, Bark Obama is one step more militant on this issue than Clinton was, and he legalized Partial Birth Abortions, as if he had clue number one what he was doing!  Obama, if you can believe this, has UPPED the ante! He is the best friend a pro-abortion feminist ever had. Unfortunately, if you happen to be a Christian, or anyone who could not morally participate in such an exercise, you have two choices;  suck it up and do your job or find another job! A doctor or a nurse  who is a Christian or Catholic, or whatever else, cannot be a ‘conscientious objector’ in this matter. This from a man who campaigned as a ‘Christian’. Well I should have known something was not Kosher when Obama insisted that the Sermon on the Mount was a Gay Rights Declaration.  To complicate things, he now claims to be a Muslim, and to admit to being gay in the Muslim community was almost as bad as confessing that you’ve converted to Christianity, or are a friend of Israel.These are sins, in the Muslim community that are worthy of death. Now, I don’t know what they’d do to you, if you confessed to being gay, in a Mosque in the U.S., but if you aren’t killed, they make you wish they would kill you, just to escape the misery and abuse that is heaped on you in your neighborhood. This said, HOW is Obama escaping the wrath of the Muslim community?  I don’t know how they feel about abortion, en masse, (though they have no problem aborting FEMALE babies), but like I said, the gay rights issue in the RELIGIOUS Muslim world is TABOO, to say the very least.  What in the world is he saying to Islamic partners to cool their jets?  Must be good, because no one’s burned down the White House yet.

   But back to this touchy subject… Obama is a sweetheart of pro-abortionist contingent in big way!  I don’t think that even Clinton rallied this hard for the cause. (I could be wrong. Let me know if I’m off base. RESPECTFULLY please!)

    What I’d like to know, where BOTH Clinton and Obama are concerned, is WHAT GIVES?  Why the fire for this cause?  Does it not occur to either of them that the more abortions, the fewer future tax payers?  Seriously, though, why is Obama so hot on this issue? If I were his daughter, my self esteem would be in the toilet right now; Crying every night, wondering if dad wanted mom to have me killed. And to think, I once liked this guy!  Shows how much I know!

   There are many disillusioned democrats, who realize that Obama is not the man he made himself out to be. Even the Kennedy’s aren’t happy with him.  The Kennedy’s are political ROYALTY in the States. Mess with them, you might as well moon the Queen!  Among even non-discerning Christians, Obama’s actions are fraying nerves. “But he said….”     Never mind what he says, it’s what he DOES that we need to worry about.  Among more alert believers, Obama is being seen as being next door to, if not THE man of Sin, spoken of, in 2 Thessalonians 2:3,4. 

   Not being a Bible scholar, I’m not going to pretend to know all the details about the coming deceiver, apart from what I’ve read in the Left Behind series. However, there are a few pieces of the puzzle that prophecy fans missed out on, in pasting Obama with the ANTI-CHRIST label;

  • Obama has not signed a 7 year peace treaty with Israel. In fact, it’s all he can do to be civil, where Israel is concerned.  The coming Deceiver will be a LOT more convincing to the average Israeli and Obama isn’t fooling too many of them at the moment.  Secular Jews in the states, on the other hand, are wrapped tightly around Obama’s middle finger.  He’s got them right where he wants them; to the point where, if he pointed every weapon, in the U.S. arsenal, at the city of Jerusalem, Barbra Streisand and Jerry Seinfeld would only shrug or yawn.
  • If Obama was THE man of sin, he would have been felled (temporarily) by an assassination, 3 and a half years into his administration. That would put it at…..about  January of this year.(2012)  After which time, he would have been resurrected, with the full power of Satan motivating him.  I’m seeing evidence of that NOW, in slightly lesser measure. Still, no assassination attempt has been made on Obama’s life, successfully or otherwise.  So, to answer the question, Obama is not THE man of sin, but if someone was handing out awards for best impersonation of the anti-christ, by a sitting president or government official, Barak Obama would have my vote! And that’s the ONLY time he’d have it!

      I am currently working on a story about an embittered girl who ends up becoming one of the sweethearts of the Abortion movement, and there are a lot of things that I’m going to have her do that may not seem as far fetched as I was hoping they’d be. It was my hope to go completely…..Mel Brooks. To play to the cause the way Mel did in The Producers with Springtime for Hitler. Tragically, if what I am reading and seeing is ANY indication, I’m still UNDER ESTIMATING the feminist furor for this singular issue. THAT is the scary part!  WHAT would it take for me to go TOO FAR?!?! I mean, these women beam,

    She's been there. Done that!

    She crossed the line.

    joyously at the notion of having their babies brains sucked out, the way a NORMAL WOMAN would react to a marriage proposal by the guy she’s been crazy about since high school. There is NO medical or emotional benefits to allowing this to be done to your own child. And any woman who thinks this is HELPFUL is, as the Bible puts it, PAST FEELING,(Ephesians 4:19)  having had her conscience SEARED WITH A HOT IRON. (1 Tim 4:2)One article I read, talked about a debate Obama had with Mitt Romney, where the president was supposed to have said, (re: Mr. Romney’s pro-life/family views)  “It’s not the 1950’s anymore.”    Sad, but true.  And here’s the paradox!  See, while, in the 50’s a lot LESS was known about the development of unborn children than we know now, the pro life position was pretty much taken for granted. Simply because, MORALLY you simply did NOT shrug off the idea of killing your own children. Well, some women did, but they sure didn’t make their views known as stridently as they do now, where we know SOOOO much more about the development of pre-born babies and YET, our morals are in the toilet. The idea of killing our own children is not only shrugged at, it’s now being LOUDLY encouraged. And by our leaders, of all people!
    Future Voter

    Barak Obama doesn’t like you.

      Recently, Billy Graham credited his late wife with the statement which  has been attributed to him,  “If God does Not Judge America, He will have to apologize to Soddom and Gomorrah.”   North America (Canada inclusive) is in a place of moral decay that it would LITERALLY take a MIRACLE to turn us around. That is, if we even wanted to turn around. The idea of a couple (even professing Christians) saving sex for marriage, is Archaic. We do what we want, and either throw away the consequences of our actions or blame God for it. The same God we ignore the rest of the time. Isn’t that kinda like blaming the brainy kid in your class because you didn’t study for a test? 

    When mothers of these babies are ABSOLUTELY ADAMANT about their right to kill their own children, it can rightfully said that we have turned a corner, as a nation. And it’s leading to a DEAD END.




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If these pages get any ‘SIMPLER’…..(The myth of EASY internet access)

   Technology, thy name is CHAOS!!!

    Happy Day! Windows is switching to outlook! Well, that’s what I thought….twenty minutes ago. But now I can’t access my account, and have been told that it doesn’t even exist. News to me, since I didn’t delete it.  After three or four tries, I give up and try setting up a outlook account. TRY, being the operative word. I thought I set up a site there, only to end up being sent back to Hotmail, where I inadvertently set up a second account. 


Why can’t these techno-geniuses leave well enough alone! They SIMPLIFY things anymore, I’ll be lucky if I know how to spell my name!  OH for the days of the typewriter!

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A word of Thanks!

 In an on-going research project, dealing with how to talk to Jehovah’s Witnesses,  I’ve been listening in on audio testimonies from, and a few other sites. One of the common denominators in these testimonies is how the speaker has been treated by their Kingdom Hall Elders. In some cases, it’s fair to middlin’. In other cases, individual elders were downright decent! In OTHER cases,  WOW!  I mean, the KGB could learn a few things from some of the watchtower elders I’ve heard about. 

  My point?  I realized how THANKFUL I am for the elders at my church!  They’re just NORMAL guys!  Normal people! They aren’t in people’s faces over every blessed thing! They’d help as they were asked, but they don’t come over and nose into my library or my music collection!  That’s the Holy Spirit’s work; to deal with things I listen to and read. If HE doesn’t like it, He’ll tell me!  

   Anywho, I wrote to James and Jacqueline last night and then said THANKS to John and Lois, and Paul and Anna today, because, seriously, I AM soooo thankful for such a great bunch of people!   Pastor Jim and Charlene, of course! More importantly, I’m THANKFUL that I am NOT under spiritual bondage to an ORGANIZATION. Instead, I have Freedom in CHRIST! If HE has to dole out the discipline, then He does, but He also said, “I will NEVER leave you or forsake you.” You get out of line in ‘JEHOVAH’S ORGANIZATION’ and you are hung out to dry, by the K.H. and your own family, if worse comes to the worst!  

We take it for granted, for sure, but there are times where THE WONDEROUS LOVE OF JESUS makes itself KNOWN.

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A Letter to Feminists: PLEASE Help me out! I don’t understand….



    Not entirely sure how to start this letter. I don’t want to call you ‘ladies’ because, quite honestly, I don’t see you lot as ladies.

    There is an…..ANGER with you lot about everything that our society was ONCE structured on. The FAMILY. You hate Men (and this part I DON’T get at all!)  I mean, if you hate men, why are you sleeping with them?! The entire abortion debate would be a NON ISSUE if you would STOP Sleeping with the Enemy!  That said, why don’t we just get into it.

     I am tempted to use pictures of unborn babies but you would just get offended and not read the rest of this letter, so I’m just going to focus on asking questions and dealing with where you’re coming from. Maybe you can help me understand what you’re trying to say, Right now, I’m confused.


     “STOP the WAR ON WOMEN!”


   I grew up in the 70’s and have some recollection of the feminist movement of that time.  Gloria Steinem was fond of saying, “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle”.   I don’t necessarily agree with that, but then again, I’m not a feminist. Still, this is a valid suggestion for feminists, And the more I think about it, the more I wish the feminist movement, en masse, would take Gloria’s advice to heart. No men, No pregnancy. No abortion. Problems solved, right?  Doesn’t that make sense?  And this gives the lie to the idea that there is a ‘WAR ON WOMEN’.  The CHOICES are yours, gals. If you choose to marry or sleep with a man, the CONSEQUENCES will follow.  If you end up with an abusive jerk and STAY with him, whose responsibility is that?  I’ll be honest with you; if I found myself with an abusive jerk, and he wouldn’t let me leave, I’d kill him. That would be no different than being kidnapped. I’d have the right to fight for my life. But I’m not gonna play the martyr for someone else’s cause.  “Boo Hoo. I’m a WOMAN who’s being VICTIMIZED because I’m a WOMAN.”  That is EXACTLY what you lot sound like!

  The time has come, girls! PICK A SIDE and STICK WITH IT!!!! 


  Ounce of PREVENTION….. 


    We live in an age of ENTITLEMENT. ME! I know MY RIGHTS! I’m Entitled to….  I see people, walking across the street, against the light, because they figure it’s their RIGHT to do so. Fat lotta good this idiot’s RIGHTS are gonna do, if  this nut ends up dead by a car, whose DRIVER decided that he or she had their rights, and no traffic light or speeding limit was going to stop them from exercising their ENTITLEMENTS.

    Hate to be the one to break the news, but no matter how FREE we think we are, ACTIONS still have CONSEQUENCES!  If you’re having UNPROTECTED sex with a guy, DON’T be shocked when you wind up pregnant! Then again, if you’re a TRUE feminist, what are you doing, having sex with a MAN?!?!  Like I said, gals. Pick a side!  Problem is, now that you’re pregnant, you feel it’s your RIGHT to kill your child. Or, as you lot put it, EXERCISE YOUR RIGHT TO REPRODUCTIVE CHOICE!  But shouldn’t you have done that BEFORE you got pregnant???

   Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan! For a gender, who thinks we’re so smart, women are NOT any more brilliant than guys.  We’re just STUPID in different ways!  The abortion issue would CEASE to be a problem if women would think BEFORE we get into these messes. See, we don’t need pictures of aborted babies pushed in our faces, or a pastor or pro life counsellor shouting scriptures. We need ‘SESAME STREET’ and THE BEST OF GROVER!  We need to RELEARN the whole BEFORE AND AFTER lesson.  We need to THINK AHEAD! Anticipate the consequences of our actions BEFORE we take part in something that will result in having to make some decisions that will affect the rest of our lives.

    Congratulations, it’s a litter of puppies!


    I’ve read, on my facebook page, that feminists have a hard time looking at pictures of unborn babies. It’s OFFENSIVE to you.  Why?  Because it forces you to realize something you want to ignore?  It makes you re-think your RIGHT TO CHOOSE because it’s not just YOUR BODY? 

    For the sake of imagination, let’s say that you’re right and it is just YOUR body.  WHY in the world would you subject yourself to something like abortion when it is AVOIDABLE 99.8% of the time! (Don’t wanna have a baby? Don’t get pregnant! Don’t wanna get pregnant?  Don’t shtupp around!) Dollars to donuts, you cringe at the idea of a root canal or a dental filling.  So WHY do you FEMINIST FEMALES put yourselves in the place of having to do something so uncomfortable, even IF it’s just about you.

  WHAT am I missing?!  Is there some divine right of Womanhood to have your uterus invaded by medical instruments. PLEASE! Help me out here,gals, because, so help me, I just DON’T get it! What’s the attraction?!

    It’s just a FETUS’ is a popular phrase with the feminist lobby.  To which I reply, “WHAT KIND of FETUS?”   If you remember grade 7 Science class, there was one class (or maybe two)  where FETAL PIGS were di-sected .  I skipped those two classes. But did you catch that?  FETAL PIG.  Long story short, gals;  a FETUS is ANY  species, at its preborn state, at a certain stage of gestation.  So to say that your unborn baby is JUST A FETUS is not just a COP OUT but it’s an INCOMPLETE cop out.  Are you going to abort a fetal pig, or  a fetal calf or a fetal horse?  You think you might be carrying puppies?  The issue, that the Supreme court of CANADA cannot make sense of, is easily figured out.  If you are human FEMALE, and the MALE you made this FETUS with, is HUMAN, then, according to SCIENCE and COMMON SENSE, your fetus is HUMAN.  On the other hand, Feminism and Common Sense have been estranged for some time!


  Thanks in advance. Looking forward to your replies, but please, read the post first. That way, I don’t have to repeat myself.  



    P.S.    I received a reply to this blog post and while I was pleasantly surprised that I got a response, it didn’t lend to any clarity.
Matter of fact, it confused me even more! A few points this writer raised included the idea that;


  • Men are no longer seen as the enemy.  A) until you get pregnant, and then, if the guy wants the baby, and you don’t, he doesn’t get a vote and it’s goodbye Baby (oops, sorry FETUS)  Goodbye. 
  • The issue of celibacy should be a choice and not forced. A)  Agreed. But then a PERMANENT form of birth control should be considered if you KNOW you don’t want any kids. This will PREVENT pregnancy.  If I had the money, I would pay for the VOLUNTARY sterilization for feminists who don’t mind sleeping with men but know they don’t want kids.  Still, like Gloria Steinem, I think that feminists should FISH OR CUT BAIT on the issue of men. This is my BIGGEST problem with the modern day feminist movement. 
  • QUESTION to responder and Feminists en masse;  ARE YOU  TRULY ‘pro-CHOICE’  in the most REAL sense of the word?  Do you believe that WOMEN should be entitled to ALL the the options and information available today, concerning  1) adoption.  2) the stage of the human fetus (unless your sex life is REALLY experimental!)  3) abortion procedures and ALL involved in said procedures.  In other words, INFORMED CONSENT.  If you cannot say, in your heart of hearts, that you believe that women are entitled to know ALL THERE IS TO KNOW before they or you make this choice, then you are NOT truly PRO-CHOICE. 


     ****  I do NOT believe that I, as a female person, have the right to kill my child (preborn).  I do not worship my uterus and seek special (preferential) treatment because of my gender.  I believe that, should I even consider abortion, I would INSIST on FULL DISCLOSURE of ALL options available, before agreeing to something that could possibly do me physical or other harm in the future.  If the feminist movement TRULY believes in CHOICE, then they would not short change themselves by letting themselves be LIED TO by people who collect MORE MONEY per DEAD baby, than through pre-natal info and/or adoption counselling.

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{Proud Proclaimers of Jehovah’s Kingdom

for over 100 years! }


Behold I stand at the door

~Special Edition~

Paying Attention to John’s Gospel!




       Letters from our Readers:

Previous edition cover earns praise

………..     & puzzlement.


Continue reading

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Political Correctness and the future of CHRISTmas

  “The Grinch Hated Christmas. The whole Christmas Season. But don’t ask me why. No one quite knows the reason….”  

Of course, you recognize that line. It comes from the Immortal Dr. Seuss classic, The Grinch who Stole Christmas.  It’s a favorite of so many ,world wide, whether you’re referring to the animated version or the live action movie with Jim Carrey in the starring role.

For those of you, who may have just arrived from another planet, or come in from self-imposed exile, The Grinch is this NASTY green character who has SERIOUS issues with the yuletide season and wants to make sure no one else gets to enjoy it either. Either that, or drain the life out of it so no one sees any reason for it! See, that’s what’s going on!

"I'm the Politically Correct Holiday Police. I got a report that someone used the C word."

"Did I hear someone use the C. Word?! It's HOLIDAY!"

In the name of Multi-Culturalism, (at least according to those who initiated it)  traditions that were part of a country from day one are supposed to be shunted to one side because certain part of these traditions might OFFEND people coming from other backgrounds and might not agree with the meaning behind those traditions.  Oddly, these well-intended souls seem to have more of a problem with CHRISTmas holidays than the people they are allegedly trying to PROTECT.  I work in a place where there are more immigrants than born Canadians, and a few days ago, we had our annual Politically INcorrect Holiday Gathering (AKA CHRISTMAS PARTY).  Well, you might be surprised to know that NO ONE complained about the food, the music (that did include the occasional mention of  THE Christmas story). In fact, a few of these new Canadians went home with a raffle prize. One girl won two days off WITH PAY!  Trust me, SHE was NOT complaining!

Long story short, here…. if people are going to come to live in a specific country, whatever that country, they should do their homework before hand. If they are trying to get out of a bad situation where they are, it would make sense to ensure that they won’t end up in a WORSE situation.  I’d say that’s COMMON SENSE, but common sense isn’t so common as it used to be.  Anyway, assuming that due diligence was taken, to make sure the future new home would be safe,  they also either heard about or checked into the customs or traditions of their new home and heard about a holiday called Christmas.  If this was a huge problem, then either they would have decided it was better than where they currently were,  or just keep their distance as much as possible, on such occasions, and stick to their own holidays.  However you cut it, the people, themselves, are happy enough to be able to enjoy their own traditions and/or add one of our customs to theirs.  The only ones really stirring up the caldron are those who have too much time on their hands and a lump of coal where their hearts ought to be.   These traditions are ours and doggone it, they’re going to stay that way!  Do what you want, but leave well enough alone, otherwise. If you don’t like RAW ROAST BEAST, then cook yours or have a veggie stew!  Or order a pizza. It’s a free country, and in said free country, with its firmly established traditions, we do things a certain way.  Christmas and Hannuka  come in December.  Enjoy it or avoid it, but don’t try to change it because you believe someone else will be OFFENDED by it!

You sang WHAT at the holiday party?

Life of the Party...if he stays home!

For YEARS, Ebeneezer Scrooge avoided Christmas parties with as much determination as he avoided paying taxes, I’m sure!  He was invited, often enough, mainly by his nephew, Fred, but always turned Fred down. And as much of a downer as Scrooge could be, he was the life of the (Christmas) party compared to those who go to the parties but tell us we can’t have this at the party because that person might have issues.  And heaven help those who sing ‘Silent Night’ or ‘Mary, Did you Know’!

Interestingly, these same people, who have their yearly conniption over Christmas trees, etc, don’t seem to get as uptight when New Year’s rolls around.  What about those who don’t want the year to go by so quickly? Might we OFFEND those who don’t want to face the prospect of another birthday, and so celebrating the oncoming year makes them anxious! You get the idea. As soon as we start nit picking over one day, then no occasion on the Calendar is safe from the Politically Correct Cause No Offence Police (CNOPs) .

Then again, I’m guessing that there is more than a tinge of anti-religious fervor here.  At least as far as Christianity is concerned.  Just so long as the occasion celebrated (even religious) does not carry any connotation of having an exclusive market on salvation, then it’s all’s well and good. However…as soon as JESUS comes into the equation, some people very edgy because HE made claims that no other religious character has ever attempted, if they were to be honest.  And so, if truth be told, it’s not so much the holiday, but the NAME that is giving some of these P.C. do gooders the heeby Jeebees.  They figure that, by removing the NAME, you remove the Person.

Here’s my problem with that theory; IF Jesus of Nazareth was no more than a guy, then why all the fuss and furor?  He was a preacher from the back of beyond, (Nazareth). So what, right?  Yet, there are people who fear and HATE the name so much, they want it stamped out. But if there is no more to Jesus than the name, then Christmas itself,…the name, is MEANINGLESS. Nothing to celebrate OR fear.   On the other hand, IF there is more to that name (CHRIST) than merely the first syllable of a holiday, then the P.C. crowd may ask themselves WHY they fear?  Judgement, perhaps? Then maybe this will help. . On the other hand, if you dislike Christ on the basis of His claim of being the ONLY way to heaven, and you see yourself as being more BROAD-MINDED, then you have a decision to make. His way, or yours? At the end of the day, that’s what it comes down to. And you can hate me and this message if you want, but you must know there is some truth to it, or that name, (Christ) wouldn’t be nearly as much of a threat to you.

Dare I ask, but if you have a Bible, check out the following verses; John 3:16, John 14:6, Acts 4:12

 The ONE, whose name Humanity despises (Middle )

John 3:16

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When In Rome….. (or anywhere else, for that matter) Respect the Laws of the Land!

A day ago,  The Winnipeg Sun carried a front page photo of a Muslim woman wearing one of those face coverings they call Nijabs. The Headline read, “ABOUT FACE”,  and the article basically dealt with how Muslim women who wear these veils would have to remove them in order to get their citizenship photos. It’s a security measure.

In today’s paper, a Muslim preacher (Imam) equated women, having to remove their veils with Hitler’s abuse of Jews during the Holocaust! The NERVE!  First off, it’s not like these women are being strip-searched! They are asked to remove a veil temporarily. Second, Islamic hatred of Israel and Jews makes such a comparison tragically ironic, at the very least, as many practicing Muslims were raised with a hatred of Israel and its people and would do no better than Hitler did!  And third,  to refuse to do so (remove the veil) would have denied any Muslim woman citizenship. Period. It’s not like these women would be herded into death camps, fed on next to nothing, while waiting for death by gassing!   As well, coming to Canada was by CHOICE. It’s not like Muslim women were rounded up into planes and forced to come here!  The whole idea, behind the immigration to Canada had to do with FREEDOM.  And that’s all well and good. On that same subject however, there is NO SUCH THING as ABSOLUTE FREEDOM.  Never has been. You can’t yell, “FIRE”, in a public place, without being seriously fined for causing a riot. And, because of the events of September 11th, extra precautions are the rule, all round.  For example, just to fly to a place in the same province I live in now (but further North) I need to get photo I.D.  Fair enough.  I’m not terribly photogenic, so I’m looking forward to it with all the enthusiasm of a blood test!  Still, it’s the law and I’ll abide by it.

Who's Who Here?

I'll lose THAT religion!

And that’s another point!  When someone moves to a new country, they have to abide by the rules of that country.  If I were to move to a country where Islamic rule was the law of the land (by the way, that will NEVER happen!)  but for the sake of discussion, here, let’s imagine it COULD happen.  In such a country, casual dress like jeans and a t-shirt (especially for WOMEN) would not be permitted in public. Not sure about private, but I doubt it.  Again, my point is, if I were to move to a Islamic country, I would have to respect and abide by their laws.  So how come some Muslims think they can come to Canada and still play by their own rules? Sorry, Achmed, it doesn’t work that way here!

In B.C. I think it is, (though I could be wrong about the place)  a man, his son and his second wife are on trial for killing the man’s two daughters and first wife because they would not submit to the wearing of the Muslim face veil (Nijab) . The girls, at least, wanted to live as other teenagers, and they were both of the age where they had that right, under CANADIAN law.   As I understand it, the two girls and their mother were found in a car that was submerged in a canal or lake.  The father is protesting his innocence, but it’s more than a bit of a coincidence that three people who did not want to submit to Islamic rule in Canada, wound up dead in a car.  Could it have been a coincidence?  Anything’s possible, but I’m doubting it, somehow.

For the record, I have a minor measure of sympathy for the father, who feared his girls would become ‘loose’ , wearing clothes that girls their age were known for. I see enough of it to understand where he’s coming from, to a degree, anyway!  But to dislike what kids are wearing and to kill your own kids simply because of it! It’s not natural!  My parents didn’t like what my sisters wore to school, but if they’d reacted the same way this man and his son (possibly) did,  I would be out two sisters.   Of course, my sisters did what most teens did, then and now….they brought a change of clothes to school and wore what they wanted then.   Then again, were weren’t raised in a strict Muslim home.  I say STRICT because I had a Muslim friend, back in the 80’s, when I was part of a Canadian student program.  We went to three different provinces in 9 months, and during one change over, we went to Toronto, where I met my friend’s dad, who was a doctor. He was quite nice and bought me an orange Juice, as I had a cold.   In other words,  the stories I’m sharing are NOT indicative of ALL  Muslims.  Matter of  fact, I’m guessing (HOPING) that more Muslim families in Canada are like Fah’s, with all the aggravations we all have, but settled in a rational manner.

Anywho, back to my original story, when someone moves to a new country, there is a certain level of adapting that has to take place, and if the potential citizens of this new country are not prepared to adapt to those changes, then they should have been better prepared before hand.  The matter of temporarily removing the veil for citizenship photos does NOT turn Immigration Canada into a Nazi death Camp!  Far from it!   My guess is that the requirements of the country they left were WAY more stringent. So much so that they came to Canada for some breathing space.  Leastwise, that’s what I’m assuming, for the sake of giving the benefit of the doubt.

My other dilemma over this Nijab controversy is more out of confusion than anything else!  For starters, I don’t even know WHY these women wear this thing. Is it an option for them, or a requirement. And if so, WHOSE requirement?  Is it in the Qu’ran, or has the Qu’ran been misapplied for the sake of giving some macho jerks the upper hand?  Hey, the same is done with the Bible. In 1 Corinthians 13, I believe it is,  there is a verse that says, ‘Wives, submit yourselves to your husbands….”   Problem comes in when the rest of the text isn’t read or it’s just ignored.  Because the next verse says, “Husbands, love your wives as Christ loved the Church and gave Himself for her….”   Those who ignore the second part of the verse use the part about submission of wives, to husbands as carte blanche to do what they want and get away with it. NOT!  Those who abuse their wives on the basis of ‘submission’  will be very sorry one day.  I can’t help but wonder if Muslim men aren’t pulling the same game with this whole Nijab thing!   On the other hand, what does Allah have against women?  If, (for the sake of discussion) Allah is God, then shouldn’t He LOVE his creation rather than try to hide one part of it?   Does the Qu’ran have a LOVE chapter?

The reason I’m asking is because that whole face covering thing just seems so…..demeaning. There’s no room for individuality.  Apart from height and weight,  the full body dress, from the head to the feet, gives no place to anything really personal, aside from color.  I mean, the whole point of coming to Canada,  as I mentioned earlier, had to do with freedom. But what kind of freedom is there to be had, locked inside a fabric prison?   There IS room for modesty in dress without covering oneself from head to toe, literally!    If this Nijab thing is being imposed, then surely there is a way out of it.  Isn’t there?  Or is there fear of ending up dead unless that rule is obeyed?

If, on the other hand, you wear this Nijab voluntarily, may I ask one question? WHY??!??!

Another thought just occurred to me. One more terrifying than the plight of those who feel they may have no choice.  What IF Canada is being used as a testing ground?  Forcing change, little by little. Like the frog in the pot, who adapted to the gradual changes in temperature until he became frog soup.   Is this Nijab issue simply for Muslim women, or is this a way of finding out how much Canadian law will tolerate, until we wake up one day and the rest of the country, Non Muslim women included, are dressed from head to toe.  You have to admit, the whole Nazi comparison had to make a few people wince. Of course! Who wants to believe they’re so cold blooded as ol Adolf, but using such a scale for a case like this, is, in itself, OFF BALANCE.  I applaud those with the gumption to stand up and say, “You wanna live in our country, you live by our rules.”  Because the minute we lose that courage,  we’ll lose our country.

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We’re Going the WRONG Way! {Evolution and the True state of the Human Condition}

Once upon a time, if two believers in Christ were talking, it was assumed that they agreed on at least the bedrock basics, (dare I use the word ‘FUNDAMENTALS’) of the Christian faith. ( i.e. Standing on the Bible as the Inspired, inerrant Word of God).  To say the VERY least, things have CHANGED!

In the last few years, I’ve actually gotten into on-line arguments with people who called themselves Christians, but who held the view that while God did create, He did it through Evolution.  Think of it as starting a snowball and then letting it roll down a hill on its own; building up size and speed but with no direct guidance.  My own question to that idea would be, “Why would HE have to? I mean, if He’s GOD, then can’t he just do it?”

The Answer to Darwin's questions

Psalm 33:6-9

According to Psalms 33:6-9, God SPOKE the universe into existence. (Vs 6) “By the word of the Lord, the heavens were made.”   Verse 9 is even more specific. It says that “He spoke and it was done. He commanded and it stood fast.”   Hebrews 1:3 says that “He upholds all things by the word of His power.”

If you are persuaded that such a concept is impossible, I can only ask, “ARE YOU GOD?” If you say ‘No’, then of course it would be impossible for you to do such a thing. I can’t do it, either,but then again, neither am I God. So, right there, we have that in common.

Then again, if you’re a believer who has been confronted with Atheists and/or Evolutionists who insist that they don’t believe in God because they can’t see Him, then ask if they also don’t believe in Oxygen or Gravity, simply because those elements can’t be seen. Chances are, you will have your verbal combatant rolling their eyes, telling you it’s not the same. But why wouldn’t it be. God doesn’t exist because HE can’t be seen, so, by the same token, Oxygen and gravity don’t exist because they can’t be seen. That seems straight forward enough.

If you are reading this post as a devout Evolutionist who believes that everything there is came from nothing more than random chance, then I open this challenge to you. Take a lawn chair and go to any vacant lot you can think of and just sit there and wait for a new building to crop up without architects, excavators, or builders. No welders, plumbers or electricians.  Wait and see what happens. Or….doesn’t. And before you go thinking that I’m a few fries short of a Happy Meal, I’m not the one suggesting the feasibility of getting something out of nothing.

I heard one story about a Creationist and his Evolutionist classmate who were teamed up for a school assignment in Geography. Just for fun, the creationist proceeds to tell his friend that the world globe they were given was made by some metal that molded itself into a ball, dipped itself into paints that made up oceans and land masses and then, over time, the names of the countries, continents and oceans slowly made themselves visible on the globe. His evolutionist pal thought the kid was a complete nut and somehow found where the globe was made.

“SEE?  Says right there. Made in TIAWAN!”

“I don’t get it,” says the creationist student. “You have no problem believing that the entire Universe came into existence over MILLIONS of years, with NO source but the big bang, but this little bitty ball needed a creator? It would take a LOT less time for this globe to evolve than for the entire world!”

Speaking of which, though….what started the BIG BANG?

It MAY come as a shock and surprise to you Darwin fans, but Mr. Monkey Man himself eventually came to the place of stating, “to say that the eye is a result of natural selection does seem absurd to the highest degree!”

The same man, whose single Treatise is all but worshipped in the church of Academia, CONTRADICTED his own doctrine!  Why? Maybe, because, as he got older, Darwin spent more time seriously wondering about the randomness he’d put so much faith in.  After all, if there was no rhyme or reason to anything else, then what was his purpose in life? Ever wonder about that?

All from Nothing?

If I were a Monkey, I'd sue Darwin for Defamation of Character!

If you REALLY want to consider the concept of order in the universe, then just look at your hand. On each finger, there is a fancy bit of ….. stitching that indicates where the bones in the finger separate. What are the odds of something, being thrown together, could be so consistent, person to person?  How do Sperm and egg know what to do every time they get together?   What about the components in blood (red blood cells. White Blood cells, hemoglobin, plasma) how does each component know what to do?

Aye, and there’s the rub. Sometimes it doesn’t Sometimes blood doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do or can’t do what it has to do and people get sick! How does THAT prove that there’s a god?  And if there is, then why would God let people get sick at all?

Unfortunately, all I can say to that is that we live in a messed-up, fallen world, which is why there’s sickness to begin with.

“Okay,” you say, “then why does God allow it? If He’s so all powerful, why doesn’t He just undo the mess?”

I suppose He could, but then again, what would that help if He did? See, if you’re a parent of a kid who is forever getting into scrapes with the law, and you’re always bailing him out, the kid doesn’t stop what he’s doing, he just assumes that you’re always going to be there to bail him out.  Nothing is accomplished.

God warned Adam and Eve at the outset. “Of the fruits of the trees of the garden, you may eat, but of the fruit that’s in the tree in the midst of the garden, you shall not eat or you’ll die.”   They were given fair warning.  So if you want to lay the blame for our current situation at anyone’s feet, then spill it on Eve.  She was the first to eat the fruit, despite the clear warning.  She yielded to temptation (Genesis 3) in spite of the fact that she had an entire orchard of fruit to choose from!

And you can come back with, “Oh, that’s a lot of fairy tales!”

Fine, then explain the mess we’re in. After all, if Evolution were true, then you’d think that, after MILLIONS of years, humanity would be in a better place than we’re in today.  On the assumption that the evolutionary hypothesis IS true, then, surely, humanity would have worked its way UP from the sludge pool out of which our single-celled ancestors supposedly crawled. So what’s taking so long? And how much longer is it likely to take before we start seeing genuine progress!?

Sure, in many material ways, we’ve come….light years from cave living and using porcupines to scrub the kitchen floor (so sue me, I’m a Flintstone’s fan!)  In the last twenty years alone,  our way of life has changed in ways I would never have imagined in the 70’s!  Musically, we’ve gone from vinyl to cd’s to digital audio.  The availability of home computers and emailing . And the cell phone! I recall when they first came out in about the mid to late 80’s…the things were so bulky you needed a holster. Now, they fit in the palm of the hand. What’s more you can even watch t.v. on them!  We’ve gone from keeping up with the Jone’s to talking to the Jetson’s!

In the space of twenty years, this world has become a ‘Global Community’.  For all the technological advances though, MORALLY, this….GLOBAL COMMUNITY we’ve created is in the toilet!

World wide economic unrest, Political and business corruption, Spousal and child abuse, alcohol and (especially) Drug abuse is on the rise, even by people in their 30’s and 40’s, a demographic you would think had grown passed the age of giving into such foolish temptations.

The sexual revolution in the 60’s spawned the feminist movement of the 70’s and since then, the ‘marriage bed’ has, for the most part, lost all relevance. Kids now treat ‘sex’ as something to do when there’s nothing to watch on t.v.  The tragic by-product is that girls go for abortions almost as casually as some people shop for shoes. After all, if the guy she got pregnant by meant nothing to her, then why should the kid?  And if the babies aren’t aborted, then they’re used as leverage to get money from a social safety net that is straining from the burden. All of this, PLUS another sad reality that the WORK ETHIC has become a dinosaur!  Heck, why work when you can get your girlfriend pregnant and live off the money the kid brings in!?

Put it all together and it spells TROUBLE!   Is THIS what is meant by the UPWARD thrust of evolution? Because if it is, then either we or the evolutionary ladder we’re supposedly climbing, has a lousy sense of direction.

Simply put; We’re Going the WRONG WAY!!!!  If anyone has any constructive and definite ideas on how to reverse the current downward trend, please Share!

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A word in your ear

Just a word of warning upfront; this is going to be about as politically INCORRECT a blog as I dare attempt, without being jailed by the Thought Police.  I will be sharing views,  positions and even throwing in the odd scripture verse where it fits. There won’t be any foul language or women with their cleavage out there for the world to see. So, if you’re in the mood to be incited or inspired, I hope this blog does the trick either way!

Happy Reading!

Starting the day

Breakfast. A little pick-me-up

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