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Children of a Lesser God {Sharing the REAL JESUS with Jehovah’s Witnesses and Roman Catholics}

  ~Author’s Note~

    This admission will be whole-heartedly DISAGREED upon, by both Roman Catholics and Jehovah’s Witnesses, but there are MORE similarities between the two groups than the adherents of these organizations would want to concede.

  • Both the Watchtower AND the Roman Catholic church use OTHER SOURCES (outside the Bible) as authority in their ‘church’  (Tradition, Governing Body, Magesterium, Organization Publications).
  • Both groups rely upon persons, Other than Christ, as their source of Salvation (Governing Body, Mary, Watchtower, Pope)
  • Both groups insist that THEY are the Ark of Salvation, while Neither group believes that they can be assured of Salvation.
  • Both groups have a Jesus who CANNOT SAVE.  The Jesus of Jehovah’s Witnesses is NOT GOD, but only an angel or a perfect man. Contrast this with the Roman Catholic Church’s assertion,  that they believe Jesus IS God.  Problem is, the original sacrifice of their Jesus was NOT sufficient but has to be repeated, with works added.  Ironically, the Watchtower comes out as (Very) marginally better off here. At least they KNOW why their god cannot save.

QUESTION to ROMAN CATHOLICS:  You say that you believe that Jesus IS God, manifest in the Flesh (1 Tim 3:16).   Then how come your Jesus CANNOT DO what people Can do?  (Priests, Mary, dead saints) in terms of answering prayers and granting forgiveness of sins. After all “Who can forgive sins but God alone?”


When I first started this project, my main objective was to deal with the John 1:1 issue, exclusively.  I’m still hoping to, for the most part. However, as I mentioned earlier, there are bound to be segues, where I launch into common-ground topics the Watchtower shares with Catholicism.  You’ll know when it happens.


“You can be right on every other systematic doctrine of Christian theology, but if you are WRONG about the Person, Nature and Work of Jesus Christ, then you are WRONG ENOUGH to lose your soul for all eternity.”   ~Walter Martin~ (among others)  Now, right away, a J.W. will jump in and argue, “You’re gonna try to convince us there’s a hell when the Bible says no such thing!”   Okay then, let’s not put the cart before the horse, lest we wind up with a confused horse.  For the time being, I’m just going to ask, “What does the J.W. or Watchtower view hold, as far as how non-believers will be recompensed for their disbelief? What will their punishment be?”

The Watchtower disciple will likely reply, “Anilhalation’  by Jehovah.”   Okay then! Let’s go with that for now.  Either way you cut it, it’s none too pleasant, but in order to figure out which is true, ( Anilhalation or eternal fire)  we have to deal with THE foundational doctrine; The REAL Jesus; Who Is He? Once that fact is uncovered, the rest of the doctrines will almost come along with it.

A Tale of Two Jesuses
It is easy to start arguments but I’m not great with debates so I’m gonna start with the BIBLE. This is where Christian doctrine of Christ is found. It is also where the Watchtower claims to derive its doctrine.

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