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We’re Going the WRONG Way! {Evolution and the True state of the Human Condition}

Once upon a time, if two believers in Christ were talking, it was assumed that they agreed on at least the bedrock basics, (dare I use the word ‘FUNDAMENTALS’) of the Christian faith. ( i.e. Standing on the Bible as the Inspired, inerrant Word of God).  To say the VERY least, things have CHANGED!

In the last few years, I’ve actually gotten into on-line arguments with people who called themselves Christians, but who held the view that while God did create, He did it through Evolution.  Think of it as starting a snowball and then letting it roll down a hill on its own; building up size and speed but with no direct guidance.  My own question to that idea would be, “Why would HE have to? I mean, if He’s GOD, then can’t he just do it?”

The Answer to Darwin's questions

Psalm 33:6-9

According to Psalms 33:6-9, God SPOKE the universe into existence. (Vs 6) “By the word of the Lord, the heavens were made.”   Verse 9 is even more specific. It says that “He spoke and it was done. He commanded and it stood fast.”   Hebrews 1:3 says that “He upholds all things by the word of His power.”

If you are persuaded that such a concept is impossible, I can only ask, “ARE YOU GOD?” If you say ‘No’, then of course it would be impossible for you to do such a thing. I can’t do it, either,but then again, neither am I God. So, right there, we have that in common.

Then again, if you’re a believer who has been confronted with Atheists and/or Evolutionists who insist that they don’t believe in God because they can’t see Him, then ask if they also don’t believe in Oxygen or Gravity, simply because those elements can’t be seen. Chances are, you will have your verbal combatant rolling their eyes, telling you it’s not the same. But why wouldn’t it be. God doesn’t exist because HE can’t be seen, so, by the same token, Oxygen and gravity don’t exist because they can’t be seen. That seems straight forward enough.

If you are reading this post as a devout Evolutionist who believes that everything there is came from nothing more than random chance, then I open this challenge to you. Take a lawn chair and go to any vacant lot you can think of and just sit there and wait for a new building to crop up without architects, excavators, or builders. No welders, plumbers or electricians.  Wait and see what happens. Or….doesn’t. And before you go thinking that I’m a few fries short of a Happy Meal, I’m not the one suggesting the feasibility of getting something out of nothing.

I heard one story about a Creationist and his Evolutionist classmate who were teamed up for a school assignment in Geography. Just for fun, the creationist proceeds to tell his friend that the world globe they were given was made by some metal that molded itself into a ball, dipped itself into paints that made up oceans and land masses and then, over time, the names of the countries, continents and oceans slowly made themselves visible on the globe. His evolutionist pal thought the kid was a complete nut and somehow found where the globe was made.

“SEE?  Says right there. Made in TIAWAN!”

“I don’t get it,” says the creationist student. “You have no problem believing that the entire Universe came into existence over MILLIONS of years, with NO source but the big bang, but this little bitty ball needed a creator? It would take a LOT less time for this globe to evolve than for the entire world!”

Speaking of which, though….what started the BIG BANG?

It MAY come as a shock and surprise to you Darwin fans, but Mr. Monkey Man himself eventually came to the place of stating, “to say that the eye is a result of natural selection does seem absurd to the highest degree!”

The same man, whose single Treatise is all but worshipped in the church of Academia, CONTRADICTED his own doctrine!  Why? Maybe, because, as he got older, Darwin spent more time seriously wondering about the randomness he’d put so much faith in.  After all, if there was no rhyme or reason to anything else, then what was his purpose in life? Ever wonder about that?

All from Nothing?

If I were a Monkey, I'd sue Darwin for Defamation of Character!

If you REALLY want to consider the concept of order in the universe, then just look at your hand. On each finger, there is a fancy bit of ….. stitching that indicates where the bones in the finger separate. What are the odds of something, being thrown together, could be so consistent, person to person?  How do Sperm and egg know what to do every time they get together?   What about the components in blood (red blood cells. White Blood cells, hemoglobin, plasma) how does each component know what to do?

Aye, and there’s the rub. Sometimes it doesn’t Sometimes blood doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do or can’t do what it has to do and people get sick! How does THAT prove that there’s a god?  And if there is, then why would God let people get sick at all?

Unfortunately, all I can say to that is that we live in a messed-up, fallen world, which is why there’s sickness to begin with.

“Okay,” you say, “then why does God allow it? If He’s so all powerful, why doesn’t He just undo the mess?”

I suppose He could, but then again, what would that help if He did? See, if you’re a parent of a kid who is forever getting into scrapes with the law, and you’re always bailing him out, the kid doesn’t stop what he’s doing, he just assumes that you’re always going to be there to bail him out.  Nothing is accomplished.

God warned Adam and Eve at the outset. “Of the fruits of the trees of the garden, you may eat, but of the fruit that’s in the tree in the midst of the garden, you shall not eat or you’ll die.”   They were given fair warning.  So if you want to lay the blame for our current situation at anyone’s feet, then spill it on Eve.  She was the first to eat the fruit, despite the clear warning.  She yielded to temptation (Genesis 3) in spite of the fact that she had an entire orchard of fruit to choose from!

And you can come back with, “Oh, that’s a lot of fairy tales!”

Fine, then explain the mess we’re in. After all, if Evolution were true, then you’d think that, after MILLIONS of years, humanity would be in a better place than we’re in today.  On the assumption that the evolutionary hypothesis IS true, then, surely, humanity would have worked its way UP from the sludge pool out of which our single-celled ancestors supposedly crawled. So what’s taking so long? And how much longer is it likely to take before we start seeing genuine progress!?

Sure, in many material ways, we’ve come….light years from cave living and using porcupines to scrub the kitchen floor (so sue me, I’m a Flintstone’s fan!)  In the last twenty years alone,  our way of life has changed in ways I would never have imagined in the 70’s!  Musically, we’ve gone from vinyl to cd’s to digital audio.  The availability of home computers and emailing . And the cell phone! I recall when they first came out in about the mid to late 80’s…the things were so bulky you needed a holster. Now, they fit in the palm of the hand. What’s more you can even watch t.v. on them!  We’ve gone from keeping up with the Jone’s to talking to the Jetson’s!

In the space of twenty years, this world has become a ‘Global Community’.  For all the technological advances though, MORALLY, this….GLOBAL COMMUNITY we’ve created is in the toilet!

World wide economic unrest, Political and business corruption, Spousal and child abuse, alcohol and (especially) Drug abuse is on the rise, even by people in their 30’s and 40’s, a demographic you would think had grown passed the age of giving into such foolish temptations.

The sexual revolution in the 60’s spawned the feminist movement of the 70’s and since then, the ‘marriage bed’ has, for the most part, lost all relevance. Kids now treat ‘sex’ as something to do when there’s nothing to watch on t.v.  The tragic by-product is that girls go for abortions almost as casually as some people shop for shoes. After all, if the guy she got pregnant by meant nothing to her, then why should the kid?  And if the babies aren’t aborted, then they’re used as leverage to get money from a social safety net that is straining from the burden. All of this, PLUS another sad reality that the WORK ETHIC has become a dinosaur!  Heck, why work when you can get your girlfriend pregnant and live off the money the kid brings in!?

Put it all together and it spells TROUBLE!   Is THIS what is meant by the UPWARD thrust of evolution? Because if it is, then either we or the evolutionary ladder we’re supposedly climbing, has a lousy sense of direction.

Simply put; We’re Going the WRONG WAY!!!!  If anyone has any constructive and definite ideas on how to reverse the current downward trend, please Share!

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