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A Letter to Feminists: PLEASE Help me out! I don’t understand….



    Not entirely sure how to start this letter. I don’t want to call you ‘ladies’ because, quite honestly, I don’t see you lot as ladies.

    There is an…..ANGER with you lot about everything that our society was ONCE structured on. The FAMILY. You hate Men (and this part I DON’T get at all!)  I mean, if you hate men, why are you sleeping with them?! The entire abortion debate would be a NON ISSUE if you would STOP Sleeping with the Enemy!  That said, why don’t we just get into it.

     I am tempted to use pictures of unborn babies but you would just get offended and not read the rest of this letter, so I’m just going to focus on asking questions and dealing with where you’re coming from. Maybe you can help me understand what you’re trying to say, Right now, I’m confused.


     “STOP the WAR ON WOMEN!”


   I grew up in the 70’s and have some recollection of the feminist movement of that time.  Gloria Steinem was fond of saying, “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle”.   I don’t necessarily agree with that, but then again, I’m not a feminist. Still, this is a valid suggestion for feminists, And the more I think about it, the more I wish the feminist movement, en masse, would take Gloria’s advice to heart. No men, No pregnancy. No abortion. Problems solved, right?  Doesn’t that make sense?  And this gives the lie to the idea that there is a ‘WAR ON WOMEN’.  The CHOICES are yours, gals. If you choose to marry or sleep with a man, the CONSEQUENCES will follow.  If you end up with an abusive jerk and STAY with him, whose responsibility is that?  I’ll be honest with you; if I found myself with an abusive jerk, and he wouldn’t let me leave, I’d kill him. That would be no different than being kidnapped. I’d have the right to fight for my life. But I’m not gonna play the martyr for someone else’s cause.  “Boo Hoo. I’m a WOMAN who’s being VICTIMIZED because I’m a WOMAN.”  That is EXACTLY what you lot sound like!

  The time has come, girls! PICK A SIDE and STICK WITH IT!!!! 


  Ounce of PREVENTION….. 


    We live in an age of ENTITLEMENT. ME! I know MY RIGHTS! I’m Entitled to….  I see people, walking across the street, against the light, because they figure it’s their RIGHT to do so. Fat lotta good this idiot’s RIGHTS are gonna do, if  this nut ends up dead by a car, whose DRIVER decided that he or she had their rights, and no traffic light or speeding limit was going to stop them from exercising their ENTITLEMENTS.

    Hate to be the one to break the news, but no matter how FREE we think we are, ACTIONS still have CONSEQUENCES!  If you’re having UNPROTECTED sex with a guy, DON’T be shocked when you wind up pregnant! Then again, if you’re a TRUE feminist, what are you doing, having sex with a MAN?!?!  Like I said, gals. Pick a side!  Problem is, now that you’re pregnant, you feel it’s your RIGHT to kill your child. Or, as you lot put it, EXERCISE YOUR RIGHT TO REPRODUCTIVE CHOICE!  But shouldn’t you have done that BEFORE you got pregnant???

   Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan! For a gender, who thinks we’re so smart, women are NOT any more brilliant than guys.  We’re just STUPID in different ways!  The abortion issue would CEASE to be a problem if women would think BEFORE we get into these messes. See, we don’t need pictures of aborted babies pushed in our faces, or a pastor or pro life counsellor shouting scriptures. We need ‘SESAME STREET’ and THE BEST OF GROVER!  We need to RELEARN the whole BEFORE AND AFTER lesson.  We need to THINK AHEAD! Anticipate the consequences of our actions BEFORE we take part in something that will result in having to make some decisions that will affect the rest of our lives.

    Congratulations, it’s a litter of puppies!


    I’ve read, on my facebook page, that feminists have a hard time looking at pictures of unborn babies. It’s OFFENSIVE to you.  Why?  Because it forces you to realize something you want to ignore?  It makes you re-think your RIGHT TO CHOOSE because it’s not just YOUR BODY? 

    For the sake of imagination, let’s say that you’re right and it is just YOUR body.  WHY in the world would you subject yourself to something like abortion when it is AVOIDABLE 99.8% of the time! (Don’t wanna have a baby? Don’t get pregnant! Don’t wanna get pregnant?  Don’t shtupp around!) Dollars to donuts, you cringe at the idea of a root canal or a dental filling.  So WHY do you FEMINIST FEMALES put yourselves in the place of having to do something so uncomfortable, even IF it’s just about you.

  WHAT am I missing?!  Is there some divine right of Womanhood to have your uterus invaded by medical instruments. PLEASE! Help me out here,gals, because, so help me, I just DON’T get it! What’s the attraction?!

    It’s just a FETUS’ is a popular phrase with the feminist lobby.  To which I reply, “WHAT KIND of FETUS?”   If you remember grade 7 Science class, there was one class (or maybe two)  where FETAL PIGS were di-sected .  I skipped those two classes. But did you catch that?  FETAL PIG.  Long story short, gals;  a FETUS is ANY  species, at its preborn state, at a certain stage of gestation.  So to say that your unborn baby is JUST A FETUS is not just a COP OUT but it’s an INCOMPLETE cop out.  Are you going to abort a fetal pig, or  a fetal calf or a fetal horse?  You think you might be carrying puppies?  The issue, that the Supreme court of CANADA cannot make sense of, is easily figured out.  If you are human FEMALE, and the MALE you made this FETUS with, is HUMAN, then, according to SCIENCE and COMMON SENSE, your fetus is HUMAN.  On the other hand, Feminism and Common Sense have been estranged for some time!


  Thanks in advance. Looking forward to your replies, but please, read the post first. That way, I don’t have to repeat myself.  



    P.S.    I received a reply to this blog post and while I was pleasantly surprised that I got a response, it didn’t lend to any clarity.
Matter of fact, it confused me even more! A few points this writer raised included the idea that;


  • Men are no longer seen as the enemy.  A) until you get pregnant, and then, if the guy wants the baby, and you don’t, he doesn’t get a vote and it’s goodbye Baby (oops, sorry FETUS)  Goodbye. 
  • The issue of celibacy should be a choice and not forced. A)  Agreed. But then a PERMANENT form of birth control should be considered if you KNOW you don’t want any kids. This will PREVENT pregnancy.  If I had the money, I would pay for the VOLUNTARY sterilization for feminists who don’t mind sleeping with men but know they don’t want kids.  Still, like Gloria Steinem, I think that feminists should FISH OR CUT BAIT on the issue of men. This is my BIGGEST problem with the modern day feminist movement. 
  • QUESTION to responder and Feminists en masse;  ARE YOU  TRULY ‘pro-CHOICE’  in the most REAL sense of the word?  Do you believe that WOMEN should be entitled to ALL the the options and information available today, concerning  1) adoption.  2) the stage of the human fetus (unless your sex life is REALLY experimental!)  3) abortion procedures and ALL involved in said procedures.  In other words, INFORMED CONSENT.  If you cannot say, in your heart of hearts, that you believe that women are entitled to know ALL THERE IS TO KNOW before they or you make this choice, then you are NOT truly PRO-CHOICE. 


     ****  I do NOT believe that I, as a female person, have the right to kill my child (preborn).  I do not worship my uterus and seek special (preferential) treatment because of my gender.  I believe that, should I even consider abortion, I would INSIST on FULL DISCLOSURE of ALL options available, before agreeing to something that could possibly do me physical or other harm in the future.  If the feminist movement TRULY believes in CHOICE, then they would not short change themselves by letting themselves be LIED TO by people who collect MORE MONEY per DEAD baby, than through pre-natal info and/or adoption counselling.

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