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A word of Thanks!

 In an on-going research project, dealing with how to talk to Jehovah’s Witnesses,  I’ve been listening in on audio testimonies from, and a few other sites. One of the common denominators in these testimonies is how the speaker has been treated by their Kingdom Hall Elders. In some cases, it’s fair to middlin’. In other cases, individual elders were downright decent! In OTHER cases,  WOW!  I mean, the KGB could learn a few things from some of the watchtower elders I’ve heard about. 

  My point?  I realized how THANKFUL I am for the elders at my church!  They’re just NORMAL guys!  Normal people! They aren’t in people’s faces over every blessed thing! They’d help as they were asked, but they don’t come over and nose into my library or my music collection!  That’s the Holy Spirit’s work; to deal with things I listen to and read. If HE doesn’t like it, He’ll tell me!  

   Anywho, I wrote to James and Jacqueline last night and then said THANKS to John and Lois, and Paul and Anna today, because, seriously, I AM soooo thankful for such a great bunch of people!   Pastor Jim and Charlene, of course! More importantly, I’m THANKFUL that I am NOT under spiritual bondage to an ORGANIZATION. Instead, I have Freedom in CHRIST! If HE has to dole out the discipline, then He does, but He also said, “I will NEVER leave you or forsake you.” You get out of line in ‘JEHOVAH’S ORGANIZATION’ and you are hung out to dry, by the K.H. and your own family, if worse comes to the worst!  

We take it for granted, for sure, but there are times where THE WONDEROUS LOVE OF JESUS makes itself KNOWN.

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