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Political Correctness and the future of CHRISTmas

  “The Grinch Hated Christmas. The whole Christmas Season. But don’t ask me why. No one quite knows the reason….”  

Of course, you recognize that line. It comes from the Immortal Dr. Seuss classic, The Grinch who Stole Christmas.  It’s a favorite of so many ,world wide, whether you’re referring to the animated version or the live action movie with Jim Carrey in the starring role.

For those of you, who may have just arrived from another planet, or come in from self-imposed exile, The Grinch is this NASTY green character who has SERIOUS issues with the yuletide season and wants to make sure no one else gets to enjoy it either. Either that, or drain the life out of it so no one sees any reason for it! See, that’s what’s going on!

"I'm the Politically Correct Holiday Police. I got a report that someone used the C word."

"Did I hear someone use the C. Word?! It's HOLIDAY!"

In the name of Multi-Culturalism, (at least according to those who initiated it)  traditions that were part of a country from day one are supposed to be shunted to one side because certain part of these traditions might OFFEND people coming from other backgrounds and might not agree with the meaning behind those traditions.  Oddly, these well-intended souls seem to have more of a problem with CHRISTmas holidays than the people they are allegedly trying to PROTECT.  I work in a place where there are more immigrants than born Canadians, and a few days ago, we had our annual Politically INcorrect Holiday Gathering (AKA CHRISTMAS PARTY).  Well, you might be surprised to know that NO ONE complained about the food, the music (that did include the occasional mention of  THE Christmas story). In fact, a few of these new Canadians went home with a raffle prize. One girl won two days off WITH PAY!  Trust me, SHE was NOT complaining!

Long story short, here…. if people are going to come to live in a specific country, whatever that country, they should do their homework before hand. If they are trying to get out of a bad situation where they are, it would make sense to ensure that they won’t end up in a WORSE situation.  I’d say that’s COMMON SENSE, but common sense isn’t so common as it used to be.  Anyway, assuming that due diligence was taken, to make sure the future new home would be safe,  they also either heard about or checked into the customs or traditions of their new home and heard about a holiday called Christmas.  If this was a huge problem, then either they would have decided it was better than where they currently were,  or just keep their distance as much as possible, on such occasions, and stick to their own holidays.  However you cut it, the people, themselves, are happy enough to be able to enjoy their own traditions and/or add one of our customs to theirs.  The only ones really stirring up the caldron are those who have too much time on their hands and a lump of coal where their hearts ought to be.   These traditions are ours and doggone it, they’re going to stay that way!  Do what you want, but leave well enough alone, otherwise. If you don’t like RAW ROAST BEAST, then cook yours or have a veggie stew!  Or order a pizza. It’s a free country, and in said free country, with its firmly established traditions, we do things a certain way.  Christmas and Hannuka  come in December.  Enjoy it or avoid it, but don’t try to change it because you believe someone else will be OFFENDED by it!

You sang WHAT at the holiday party?

Life of the Party...if he stays home!

For YEARS, Ebeneezer Scrooge avoided Christmas parties with as much determination as he avoided paying taxes, I’m sure!  He was invited, often enough, mainly by his nephew, Fred, but always turned Fred down. And as much of a downer as Scrooge could be, he was the life of the (Christmas) party compared to those who go to the parties but tell us we can’t have this at the party because that person might have issues.  And heaven help those who sing ‘Silent Night’ or ‘Mary, Did you Know’!

Interestingly, these same people, who have their yearly conniption over Christmas trees, etc, don’t seem to get as uptight when New Year’s rolls around.  What about those who don’t want the year to go by so quickly? Might we OFFEND those who don’t want to face the prospect of another birthday, and so celebrating the oncoming year makes them anxious! You get the idea. As soon as we start nit picking over one day, then no occasion on the Calendar is safe from the Politically Correct Cause No Offence Police (CNOPs) .

Then again, I’m guessing that there is more than a tinge of anti-religious fervor here.  At least as far as Christianity is concerned.  Just so long as the occasion celebrated (even religious) does not carry any connotation of having an exclusive market on salvation, then it’s all’s well and good. However…as soon as JESUS comes into the equation, some people very edgy because HE made claims that no other religious character has ever attempted, if they were to be honest.  And so, if truth be told, it’s not so much the holiday, but the NAME that is giving some of these P.C. do gooders the heeby Jeebees.  They figure that, by removing the NAME, you remove the Person.

Here’s my problem with that theory; IF Jesus of Nazareth was no more than a guy, then why all the fuss and furor?  He was a preacher from the back of beyond, (Nazareth). So what, right?  Yet, there are people who fear and HATE the name so much, they want it stamped out. But if there is no more to Jesus than the name, then Christmas itself,…the name, is MEANINGLESS. Nothing to celebrate OR fear.   On the other hand, IF there is more to that name (CHRIST) than merely the first syllable of a holiday, then the P.C. crowd may ask themselves WHY they fear?  Judgement, perhaps? Then maybe this will help. . On the other hand, if you dislike Christ on the basis of His claim of being the ONLY way to heaven, and you see yourself as being more BROAD-MINDED, then you have a decision to make. His way, or yours? At the end of the day, that’s what it comes down to. And you can hate me and this message if you want, but you must know there is some truth to it, or that name, (Christ) wouldn’t be nearly as much of a threat to you.

Dare I ask, but if you have a Bible, check out the following verses; John 3:16, John 14:6, Acts 4:12

 The ONE, whose name Humanity despises (Middle )

John 3:16

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